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At CHARLESTON CREATIVE OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS we follow a three step strategy for all our projects

Step 1  – Site Analysis

This gives us an in-depth plan of your property. Our measurers survey your outdoor space, take complete measurements and gather all the necessary data, including elevations, site levels, potential drainage issues, how far from the property line we can build, pressure, gas lines, set backs and more. From there, the info is sent to our CAD department to make a base plan. A base plan includes a digital drawing as well as a large two-dimensional printout of the property and all its measurements. A through site analysis saves you time, money and the headache. We learn everything we need to know about your property, so there are no surprises during the design, or worse the construction phase of the project.And if for whatever reason you decide not to work with us you can take your site analysis to use at another design/build firm.

Step 2 – Design Agreement

The second phase of our three-step process starts with signing a design agreement. Information gathered in site analysis, along with the your vision and budgets are used to develop a complete concept. A preliminary 3D rendering of your house with all the new features that we have designed into your yard is created. During this meeting, we will also nail down all the material selections you’d like to make. At this point, with the layout done, materials chosen, and planting picked out – all while keeping within your budget – we are ready to create the final design in a comprehensive, 3D rendering, which will give you a highly accurate representation of what the final product will look like. This brings us to the final design meeting where we will review all the plans in detail, making sure that all requested items are on the contract. You will leave your final design meeting feeling confident you’ve made the right choice in entrusting us with your home improvement project.

Step 3 – Construction

Once we have the necessary permits for your job, or if no permits are needed, we schedule the pre-construction meeting with your designer. In this meeting, we review in detail everything that’s on your plan. It’s vital that the customer understands exactly what is being built and have all their questions answered. From there, it’s time to turn the project over to the construction division. This starts with a job walk with your designer and your job supervisor. In the job walk, we walk your outdoor space, marking out what’s going be removed and where certain items are going be built to make absolutely sure that once it’s laid out in your backyard you can visualize the final completed project. Construction begins with grading, demolition and putting all the infrastructure in place – drain lines, power lines, gas lines, and if there’s a pool, the excavation for the pool itself. All the hardscape elements go in next, and then after that it’s all the irrigation and planting. We also get all the needed inspections completed as we go through the project. At the end of the process, you have the outdoor project that you have envisioned.