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Porches At Home

Porches are covered structures that are attached to the front, side, or back of a house. they often have a roof and may have walls or screens to provide protection from the elements. Porches provide additional living spaces and can be furnished with seating, tables, and other amenities. Charleston homes boast a wide variety of  porches, each with its own unique features functionality, and design:

Front porch: This is a covered porch that extends across the front of a house and is designed to provide a welcoming entryway. Front porches can be enclosed or open-air and often include seating or decorative features such as columns or railings.

Back porch: Similar to a front porch, a back porch is located on the back of a house and is used for relaxing or entertaining. Back porches provide access to the backyard.

Covered patio: This is a covered patio typically in the back of the house that can be enclosed or open-air and often include seating or decorative features such as columns or railings.

Screened porch and patio: This type of porch or patio is enclosed with screens to protect against bugs and other pests while still allowing for fresh air and natural light. Screened porches can be located on the front or back of a house and are used for a variety of purposes whereas screened patios are typically located in the back of the house.

Wraparound porch: A wraparound porch extends around two or more sides of a house and can provide a large, open-air space for relaxing or entertaining. Wraparound porches are often found on historic homes and can be designed to include decorative features such as columns, railings, or ceiling fans.

Sleeping porch and patio: A sleeping porch and patio is a type of screened porch and patio that is designed for sleeping during warm weather. These porches and patios were popular in the early 20th century before the widespread use of air conditioning and can provide a comfortable, cool sleeping space during hot summer nights.

Sun porch: A sun porch is an enclosed porch that is designed to capture the sunlight and can be used as a greenhouse or for indoor gardening. Sun porches can also provide a bright, cheerful space for relaxation or entertaining.

The specific type of porch that is best for a particular setting depends on a variety of factors, including the available space, intended use, and architectural style of the house. Charleston Creative Outdoor Solutions is your trusted local porch, covered patio and deck contractor; our commitment to building quality spaces is about beautifying the Low country while helping homeowners live their best outdoor life. Even after 10 years, we continue to learn and innovate with every new project. Book your Free Consultation  and our team can help you design  and build the perfect porch for your property