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Fence construction in Charleston is a complex and important process that involves several different factors. From choosing the right materials to complying with local zoning regulations, Fence building requires a thorough understanding of the local environment and community. We at Charleston Creative Outdoor Solutions have decades of experience and will ensure your fence meets the height, placement, and materials requirements while staying with your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Wood Fences

Wooden fences are a popular choice, as they offer a classic, natural look that blends well with Charleston’s historic architecture. However, wood fences can be prone to rot, termites, and other issues, so it is important to choose high-quality lumber and to treat the wood fences to protect them from the elements.


Aluminum fences are a popular choice in Charleston for their durability, low maintenance, and attractive appearance. Aluminum fences are rust-resistant and hence a great choice for properties by the coast


Vinyl fences are durable and require little maintenance, making them an attractive option for homeowners who want a fence that will last for years with minimal upkeep. Additionally, vinyl fences come in various color’s and styles, so it is easy to find a design that complements the aesthetic of your home.


Living fences are often used to provide privacy, create a natural boundary, or add an attractive element to a property. These are typically made of wire and wood enabling vegetation to grow on it if desired.