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Edging At Home

When you think of the perfect backyard, there’s a good chance that you imagine relaxing in comfortable furniture on an expansive deck. At Outdoor Living Unlimited, we’re here to help you realize that dream with one of the gorgeous, natural wood decks on we offer to homeowners in the Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin-area. You can count on our team for design help and inspiration as well as meticulously installation, to give you the perfect deck for your home.

Landscape edging: Sometimes transforming your home’s landscape can be as simple as adding a few special touches with borders and curbing. At Charleston Creative Outdoor Solutions our landscape edging specialists can help you create a physical boundary between different areas of your outdoor space. This can help to define different sections of your garden or yard, create a visual distinction between different types of plants or materials, and prevent grass or weeds from encroaching into garden beds or walkways. Our teams work with many different types of landscape edging materials to help enhance your curb’s appeal.

Brick or stone: These durable materials are great for creating a permanent and attractive border around garden beds or pathways.

Metal: Metal edgings, such as steel or aluminum, is durable and long-lasting and can be a good choice for edging along lawns or driveways.

Plastic: Plastic landscape edging is lightweight and easy to install

Wood: Wood edging can create a natural and rustic look, but may require more maintenance over time.

Concrete: Concrete edging is a durable and long-lasting option